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About our CLE Courses


Is CLE credit available in my state for Live Workshops?
We offer CLE workshops throughout the U.S. for your travel convenience. However, CLE rules vary from state to state. Some states accredit live workshops, while other states do not require CLE courses at all.


Do you offer refunds for Live Workshops?
We do not offer refunds for our live workshops. If you are unable to attend the workshop, you will have the option to select one of our matching products – DVD workbook or our OnDemand course.


Cancellation Policy
We reserve the right to cancel/reschedule workshops at anytime. Susan Constantine or THE HUMAN BEHAVIOR LAB, LLC are not liable for any financial costs due to cancellation of workshops whether with or without notification.


How do I get CLE credit for attending a Live Workshop?
Silent Messages will report your CLE credit for attending our live workshops. To assure proper credit, please be sure to furnish us with your correct State Bar number.


What materials will I receive with my purchase?
The DVDs you purchased will be sent by United Postal Service shipping or other comparable service. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery unless you selected the express shipping option. There will also be an electronic workbook associated with each course that you purchased. To access and download the workbook, please log into the MY PROFILE page on our website and download the appropriate workbooks for the classes you purchased.


Is there any interactive component to DVDs?
Yes. If you have any question about the material, please email your question to or call 407-405-3417. We will answer your questions within one to two business days.


Can I share my DVDs with other lawyers?
Our DVDs are sold on a single-listener license. Additional licenses can be purchased on a per person basis at a discounted rate. To obtain additional listener licenses, please call407-405-3417.


Is CLE credit available in my state for DVDs?
CLE Rules vary from state to state. Some states accredit DVDs as DISTANCE or SELF-STUDY learning, while other states accredit them as LIVE, PARTICIPATORY AND/OR INTERACTIVE credit equal to live classes. Other states do not grant CLE credit for listening to DVDs.


Do you offer refunds for DVDs?
We do not offer refunds for DVDs. In the event that you have received a defective product, we will replace the defective aspects of your purchase at our cost.


How do I get CLE credit for a DVD course?
Except in the states listed below, Silent Messages does not report CLE credit for listening to our DVD courses, and it is the individual lawyer’s responsibility to report their own credit. When asked to do so, we do make our purchase list available to the state bar for verification purposes.


Once your order and payment are confirmed, orders will be shipped via United States Postal Service (or other comparable service). Orders will be shipped within one business day via USPS Express (or other comparable service) where applicable.


Our OnDemand Courses are the ideal way to train without leaving the comfort of your office or home. Once you purchase our OnDemand course, you may access it immediately or log back into your account later to complete.
To access your video, click the class link at MY PROFILE and watch/listen to the class.


How do I log into my account and start my class?
Go to the MY PROFILE page, and click on the “watch video” link for the class in your orders.


What are the recommended/minimum system requirements for viewing streaming videos?
Streaming video plays through our website. You will need only a Flash plug-in, which is standard with all web browsers.


How do I restart the seminar if I stop it or get disconnected?
Return to your MY PROFILE page and click the class link. Your video will begin playing again. Videos are usually divided into two segments, and from either segment you can fast forward or reverse to where you left off.


How do I request credit for on OnDemand Course?


Financial Aid will be considered in cases of financial hardship. Income, resources, and need to take the course will be considered. Waiver of course fee will only be considered extreme circumstances.
Contact: Susan Constantine
  • ATTORNEY $45, 000- $50,000 10% FEE REDUCTION
  • ATTORNEY $35,0000 -$44,000 20% FEE REDUCTION
  • ATTORNEY < $34,000 50% FEE REDUCTION

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