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Deception Detection Services

Scientifically proven, state-of-the-art tests to detect deception in a witness, person of interest, or subject in a civil or criminal case

The Purpose: Get The Information You Need

Know the exact moment when clients, witnesses, and other important people in your case are showing signs of deception. Our team analyzes a subject's facial expressions, behavior, gestures, micro vocal tremors, and language to reveal for our client precisely wherer the subject is being deceptive, misleading, bolstering, or fabricating truth.

We can help you:

Identify Deception Indicators

or stress indicators in statements of suspects, witnesses, and victims

Have More Confidence

in accepting or rejecting a plea deal

Pinpoint Areas

that require more intense targeting or probing

Gain an Edge

over the opposition

Get the Information

you need to determine whether or not to take a case

And More


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The Science

If someone is being deceptive, their bodies give them away

The Human Behavior Lab is the first to create a deception detection method that combines human behavior, statement analysis, and voice stress analysis all in one. When a subject is deceptive there are observable indicators that sync all (3) communication channels together; behavior, voice and language, thereby increasing the validity up to 97% accuracy.

Body Language


Facial Expressions


Language and Voice

Voice Stress Analyzer

The voice stress analyzer (VSA) is used by over 3,500 police agencies worldwide during live interviews or o pre-recorded statements and is scientifically validated to be 97.8% accurate.

Voice Stress Analyzer

Investigative Statement Analysis

Investigative Statement Analysis

Investigative stattement analysis (ISA) is highly effective in detecting deception, truthfulneess, and hidden information in written and spoken statements. ISA has been validated to be 90%+ accurate in the dettection of trutthfulness and deception over an 18-year period.

Behavioral Analysis

When someone provides misleading information or attempts to deceive others, their bodies often respond physically. Behavioral Analysis has been used by the FBI for decades and is supported by Stanford University quantitative of nonverbal cues.

Behavioral Analysis

The Analysis

Working with video statements, 911 calls, transcripts, or other audio, visual, or written materials, our experts review the information, using as many analysis methods as possible.

After the analysis is complete, you'll receive a compreehensive report that details areas of ommision or deception.

Based on the type of content provided to our team, this could include:

Highly Detailed Written Report

specifying the exact points in the story where deception occurred

Explanation of

deceptive indicators

Screenshots and Timestamps

of the subjects deceptive behavior

A Conclusion Summary

of findings

Investigative Recommendations

on the interview strategies and pursuing the case to reveal additional information and evidence

The Experts

Susan Constantine

Susan Constantine

Susan Constantine, MPsy, is the world's leading authority on body language for leadership and deception detection. Appearing in more than 1,000 national and international television programs, print publications, and radio programs, she has been a go-to source for media outlets analyzing public figures' body language for the past decade and is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reading Body Language.

Susan has worked exteensively with government agencies, international law enforcement and intelligence agencies, law schools, universities, private businesses, and more to train people on using the five channels of communication (the face, body language, words, tone, and space) to determine deception. Additionally, her courses are approved for continuing legal education in over 30 states.

Lt. Bob Shaffer

Lieutenant Bob Shaffer

With more than 33 years of police service, Lt. Bob Shaffer is a leading expert in statement analysis. He has completed more than 200 hours of training in modern statement analysis techniques and has provided classroom training in statement analysis throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates since 1997. Lt. Shaffer's analysis skills have been utilized in a number of prominent cases including George Zimmerman, Dylan Redwine, and Oscar Pistorius' murder investigations.

Lt. Shaffer reegularly consults with law enforcement and private investigation firms nationwide to provide statement analysis for criminal and civil cases. He currently serves as a lieutenant and the primary sttattement analyst for the Loveland Police Department in Loveland, Colorado, where he has been in office since 1986. Lt. Shaffer also donates his time and expertise to the Center for Exploited and Missing Children and FundMe2.

Jerry Crotty

Jerry Crotty

Jerry Crotty is an accomplished expert examiner of the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer. Jerry is a retired Law Enforcement Officer with 20+ years of experience in Property Crimes, Person Crimes, Crimes Against Children, Internet Crimes Against Children and Fraud Investigations. He is also the Director of Law Enforcement for the National Institute of Truth Verification Federal Services, LLC and instructs examiners of the CVSA.

His analysis was used in the book Malcontent, providing the first ever CVSA examination that was published based on statements made by Lee Harvey Oswald. His work is also the subject of an article published in the Journal of Child Sex Abuse, where his use of the CVSA was analyzed in online sex traveler and child porn offenders. Using this technique, he was able to recover 87 unknown live victims of child sex abuse.

Used to Analyze High Profile Cases

Oscar Pistorius
Murder Investigation
Lee Harvey Oswald's
George Zimmerman
Murder Investigation
Michael Jackson
Abuse Allegations


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