Evaluating Truthfulness – On Demand Course

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This online course includes;

  • • Instant Access
  • • Downloadable workbook
  • • Two Multiple Choice Tests
  • • Q&A with Instructor via email
  • • Compatible with desktop and mobile devices
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Directions for taking this course:

  1. Download the course materials provided so that you can use these worksheets as you watch the videos.
  2. Create an account at as you will need to access this account during your OnDemand Course. (We will provide you with your access code when you order your OnDemand Course)
  3. Watch your first video and then once complete, please complete the quiz in order to move to the next video. Note: You will not be able to skip through the video as it is timed to complete the entire video before you can proceed. You will have (3) three tries to pass each of your tests.
  4. Once you have completed the second video you can take your second and final quiz.

BONUS: you will have access to this online course for 1 full year to reference back and take retraining.

Never be Lied to Again – This unique training will help you and your fellow associates obtain a marked advantage in skillfully searching for the truth by exploring speech, voice, body and face patterns to determine when a person deviates from his or her normal behavior in an attempt to deceive you. These top-secret tips, used by our expert and thousands of others, including law enforcement agents, polygraph examiners, and psychologists, will help you confidently establish rapport and control, and ultimately detect deception with accuracy! Learn the Secrets of Finding the Truth in Speech, Voice, Body and Face Patterns.

What You Will Learn:

“The 7-Steps to obtaining the Truth”

  1. How to spot a liar
  2. How to read verbal objections before they are expressed
  3. How to elicit the truth with minimal encouragers
  4. How to uncover one’s hidden agenda
  5. How to detect concealed emotions from world renowned Dr. David Matsumoto
  6. How to calibrate, base-line, and norm others
  7. How to build instant rapport in mediation, depositions, sales, negotiations, and trial.


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