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Will Trump Run for President? What Does Body Expert Susan Constantine Say…

Donald huffs and puffs and just may blow the house down says body language expert Susan Constantine. He is seriously considering running for President but will not take the ultimate plunge of his career running for President unless he knows he can win! Yes he loves all the publicity as he toot’s his own horn but, he will not announce his decision until after he confides with a team of experts to make sure its a slam dunk, because losing is not in his vocabulary. They say actions speak louder than words; Trumps body language is confident and determined as he sits erect with open body language and often uses his hands to illustrate his position.

He says he is seriously considering running for President says Constantine.  At that precise moment watch his micro head nod “yes”, this is consistent with his words. At times his words betray him. When Trump says “I think I may or might run for President” Trump licks his lips and swallow’s, indicating this is a huge decision. During his interviews his hands are often under the table while listening .This is not necessarily a sign of deception rather an indicator he is holding back until he makes the commitment. Yes, Trump is strongly considering running for President!