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Video Analysis

Audience: Government agencies, law enforcement, and legal professionals

You’ll learn to:

  • How to determine who's lying and what specifically about
  • To see the holes in the story
  • To understand how emotions, partiality, and biases are affecting those involved
  • To gain insights for your investigation
  • Get thorough, perceptive analysis of verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Figure out who's telling the truth

Participants will review recorded video tapes of witness, plaintiff, and defendant statements, interviews, and other footage that offers a lot of useful information about who's telling the truth and who's lying, and about what. If you know how to read it, that is. Everyone's body language reveals the veracity of what they're saying, whether they're hiding or omitting something, how they're feeling about what they're talking about, and more.

Statement Analysis

Audience: Government agencies, law enforcement, and legal professionals

You’ll learn to:

  • Detailed, insightful analysis of statement language
  • How to uncover deception and omissions in statement’s
  • To discover motives, prejudices, biases, suppressed emotions, and more; and to get to the truth to determine where to dig deeper

Participants will engage in analyzing transcripts of suspects and/or witness to determine the truthfulness of their statements. When are subject lies, even in writing. Unearthing deception in witness, plaintiff, and defendant statements helps focus your strategy. Determining whether everyone has gone on record with the full truth also prevents getting blindsided during trial when opposing council figures out something you didn't.

Susan Constantine provides expert analysis of keywords, repetitive language, deceptive and evasive language, and other aspects of written statements to get to the bottom of what's true, what's not, and where some of the story is missing.

Say it to my Face!

Audience: Sales professionals, market researchers, product developers, and creative agencies

You’ll learn to:

  • Measure emotional responses to creative elements and marketing concepts
  • Create more compelling client pitches 
  • Fine-tune creative concepts based on consumer feedback
  • Recognize why your customers behave in certain ways 
  • Decode the emotional reactions of customers

Emotions drive decisions. By understanding emotions, you gain insight into spending behaviors. By affecting emotions, you influence spending behaviors.

Facial expressions provide strong indication of emotions. They're some of the most powerful means by which people relate to each other. Susan Constantine uses her unique combination (never before seen in the U.S.) of cutting-edge computer technology and keen human observation to understand consumer responses to your company’s products and marketing.

Learn how this new face-reading science is revolutionizing marketing and development strategies. Each face has a distinct geometric profile that allows analysis of emotions through expressions. See how people responded to your message on an emotional level.

Available as a 1-hour keynote presentation or an advanced half- to full-day workshop, this program shows you exactly which emotions your materials evoke and at what precise moments. Discover when people feel happiness, sadness, or surprise, as well as how intensely they experience emotions and when they react most favorably.

This program provides crucial, elusive insights into how effective your marketing or sales pitches really are.

Follow the Leader

Audience: Executives, managers, influencers, and other leaders

You'll learn to:

  • Apply a leader's body language
  • Use a leader's words and voice
  • Wear a leader's face
  • Gesture and carry yourself like a leader
  • Match nonverbal and verbal communication
  • Convey competence, confidence, and authority

Your leadership is only as strong as your followers' willingness to embrace it.

And that in turn depends on assuring them you're the best person for the job, with the right qualities to take them to the right places.

Leading takes ambition and vision. But it also requires learning to use your nonverbal communication to reinforce your image and message. To be the most effective leader possible, you need to look, sound, and act the part.

Susan Constantine, MPsy, is a leading authority on body language and human behavior in professional settings. She offers this program to help leaders fill out their role with a dynamic presence that commands respect and drives results.

Faces of a Leader

Audience: Executives, managers, influencers, and other leaders

You’ll learn to:

  • Convey confidence, hope, and optimism through facial expressions
  • Recognize which qualities followers want in a leader
  • Portray those desirable traits physically
  • Emerge as a leader in a group

Great leadership doesn't just affect people intellectually; it affects them emotionally.

Leaders are expected to be charismatic, driven, strong, authoritative, and dominant. But followers also look for “softer” traits, like trustworthiness, hopefulness, compassion, and empathy.

Just having these traits isn't enough. Great leaders use facial expressions and other body language to exhibit them. Reinforcing an image of leadership with nonverbal communication triggers the emotional response you want in your followers.

Susan Constantine, MPsy, shows you how to authentically wear the face of leadership in a 1-hour keynote or 2 to 3-hour workshop. Make sure the exterior reflects all the best of what you have inside.

Spy the Lie

Audience: Everyone!

You’ll learn:

  • 10 ways to catch a liar
  • The 5-second rule, timing, and clusters
  • Things people say that reveal their true intentions
  • Which body language tips you off that you're being duped
  • How to protect yourself from investing in the wrong people

You don't have to be a mind-reader to know when someone's not being straight with you.

And you don't have to be a psychic to foresee the many circumstances when it's useful knowing how to spot a liar.

People reveal everything with their body language. You only have to know how to read it.

That's Susan Constantine's foremost area of expertise. She'll teach you the same tricks she's called in to teach the FBI, CIA, DOD, HLS, DCF, mediators, attorneys, judges, and many others. She'll teach you the same tricks she's used during more than 1,000 television appearances as a commentator on the body language of politicians, celebrities, and people on trial.

This fun, highly educational, and exceedingly useful workshop is modeled after the classic game show “To Tell the Truth.” It's a life-changing experience.

Why Kids Lie

Audience: Parents, caregivers, teachers, guidance counselors, psychologists, and child advocates

You’ll learn:

  • Why kids lie
  • Motivations underlying the lie
  • To spot red-flag body language
  • When to take lies seriously and how to recognize a future Einstein
  • How to encourage children to tell the truth

All kids lie.

Ironically perhaps, it's one of life's great truths. But it’s important to distinguish between small, harmless fibs that are a natural part of development and big, consequential deceptions. Kids are capable of both and everything in between, and they lie for a wide variety of reasons—just like adults.

At the root of it all, kids lie when the perceived rewards exceed the perceived risks of getting caught.

Susan Constantine, MPsy, volunteers as a Teen Court Judge and regularly trains investigators, social workers, and attorneys employed by The Department of Children and Families on why kids lie, how to pick up on lying, and how to successfully encourage honesty. She's also appeared on The Today Show, Fox News, and The Marie Osmond Show as a featured expert on why kids lie, and is the author of “Why Kids Lie” in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reading Body Language.

This 1-hour keynote or 2 to 3-hour workshop takes an in-depth look at why kids lie, the different “shades” of lying, how to detect deception, and how to instill truthfulness in ways that stick.


Research has proven that verbal and nonverbal cues can reveal ones true intentions. Through the development of customized body language training programs, participants will be equipped to make better judgments. These body language skills aid in assessing credibly, truth and deceptive behavior in the field.

Client Testimonials

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I have seen Susan Constantine on television and various programs for many years and always wanted to meet her, ask questions, and discuss her area of expertise in body language.  Not all lawyers are perfect in every respect.  For example, some are good writers and others are good orators.  However, during my 20 years of practice, I have often witnessed lawyers who are so concerned with their own appearance and preparations, court deadlines and working up their case that final witness/client preparations are overlooked or hurried.

Janet E. Jackson, ACP, FRP

Advanced Certified Paralegal

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Truthfulness Seminar held in Orlando. I learned so much. I have been a trial paralegal over 35 years and have traveled all over the State of Florida with my attorneys, in both State and Federal Court. I have assisted in jury selection, trials, mock trials and working with our jury experts. Taking your seminar has added to my paralegal superpowers.

Stacy Drouillard, Esq

Stacy Drouillard, Esq

I’d also like to add that I thought your presentation was excellent, and by far one of best I have ever attended. I actually learned very helpful things that I can use and you kept my attention. Thank you!

Marr Law

Charlie Marr, Program Chair

I wanted to take a moment on behalf of the Criminal Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan to thank you for the program last Friday. I found it helpful and extremely informative. My wife, who is not an attorney but a business owner also found it so informative that she is encouraging her trade organizations to consider putting on a similar program. You may recall that when you, Elaine and I first spoke, I told you that several members expressed skepticism about the program and the science behind it. In my humble opinion, you fully addressed any areas in which they expressed concerns, and you educated all of us.

Thanks once again.

On behalf of everyone at One Alliance and the entire I Am Brave team I would like to extend our heartfelt thank you for your participation as a key-note in the September 19th 2015 “I Am Brave” Orlando Women’s Success Seminar!

The feedback from this Seminar has been extremely positive! Thank you not only for wanting to be a key-note but also for sharing your personal journey and expertise with our attendees. We know that this took extra care and skill to adapt your presentation to this style of delivery especially with the way we are going about and revamping the “Seminar” sub standard. All attendee responses have been in complete awe of the information that was obtained through your keynote alone.

Once again, thank you for sharing your blueprint to success and all the knowledge you have within you to help support and motivate the Women of Orlando to always reach for their true happiness in all aspects of their life. We know that this would not have been as strong a conference without your story and name not being attached to it. Thank you for taking part in our purpose driven “I Am Brave” Women’s Success Seminar.

It was a pleasure to meet you on October 28/29 and we thank you for your excellent presentation at our legal seminar.

Almost unanimously, your presentation and subject matter received rave reviews from attendees.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  It was a great session, and we will be incorporating many of the tools you taught in our due diligence process going froward.

I think the training yesterday in Savannah (Feb. 19, 2015) was the most interesting and informative that I have attended. Thank You. William Hawkins.

Robert E. Wilson

Wilson, Morton & Downs, LLC

It was a pleasure attending your CLE program yesterday in Savannah. In spite of my 40 plus years of experience, I found it very enlightening and beneficial. Your program can be worthwhile for attorneys of any level of experience and the manner in which you present the information is excellent. Thanks for such a wonderful program.

Michael Shein and I have been training together and have found it very beneficial as to both the substance and leveraging it by doing it jointly. Doing it together allows us to bring to the table witnesses, clients, and others that we have known and dealt with in various contexts to use as examples beyond those “faces” provided by the seminar, as well as bringing analogies of our own to help identify particular facial tells or cues. So, your help is well founded. We are not done. We plan on going back and continuing what seems almost like playtime!

I heard you speak Friday and was, without stretching the truth, quite taken aback by your skills…

Your Evaluating Truthfulness seminar that I attended today (very back row, on the end, to your left) was the best CLE course I’ve been to since I started practicing in 2004. I loved it! I intend to study and practice with your materials often.

I just wanted you to know how much I really enjoyed the workshop that you put on in Atlanta today.  As a former federal prosecutor, I had some general exposure to a few of the concepts, but I find the whole subject matter fascinating, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am going to recommend to my old US Attorney’s office that they sign you up for a seminar!

I really enjoyed your class today and found the information fascinating.  You did an excellent job.  It was one of the best CLE courses I have ever taken!

Such a dynamic presentation at CAI in Sarasota . Informative, educational, entertaining, memorable. Our group was extremely fortunate to host your presentation!

Thank you for a terrific program. You have a fabulous, engaging communication style. Your workshop was informative, entertaining, provocative, and very beneficial, one of the best I have ever attended. Email high five!

– Author – Present Your Way to the Top (McGraw-Hill, NY 2010). Legally Speaking: 40 Powerful Presentation Principles Lawyers Need to Know (Kaplan Publishing, D.C. 2009.

David J. Dempsey, JD
President & CEO
Neon Zebra, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia

The course I attended in Jacksonville last Thursday was absolutely fantastic. It has enabled me to be a better mediator by seeing how clients respond with their “hidden” facial expressions to the mediation process. Thank you for this useful tool to aid in my practice.

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Susan Constantine. I have personally seen her work on several occasions and have found her to be a consistently dynamic presenter with a solid, knowledge based program geared to upbeat and fast paced learning.

Ms. Constantine was in Miami at my behest where she conducted training sessions with a very diverse constituency, including police officers, attorneys, private sector security personnel as well as dozens of our protective  investigations team members. Her training skills provided for these different disciplines to merge into one cohesive group and maximize their learning in the given time frame.

I have also observed Ms. Constantine instruct under pressure situations involving significant peer evaluation and she performed flawlessly. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her as an outstanding trainer and speaker.

I discovered Susan while watching CNN and thought she could shed some light on the body language of the first female movie director in history, Alice Guy Blaché. Susan was incredible! Susan gave us insight and humanized Alice Guy Blaché in a way that we didn’t think was possible. The insights in The Complete Idiots Guide to Reading Body Language opened my eyes wide open to see through a new lens. A must read for everyone!

Susan’s book, The Idiot’s Guide to Body Language, cuts through all the fluff and gets to the meat of the subject so readers can find answers and learn how to read body language quickly and easily. It’s a great reference guide for professionals of all kinds — especially for those who work in the legal field and law enforcement.

Susan has been a regular guest on my KFI Los Angeles talk show many times over the past 2 years. I am always impressed with her insights into the people and cases we cover. She was our ‘go to’ analyst during the Casey Anthony trial. She brought to life the characters and their flaws in a way the audience really responded to. The audience fell in love with her! Susan is a great story teller and has a way of taking you inside the courtroom and inside the minds of the people in it. She can spot a liar it seems, every time. The book will stay close to my desk for a long time to help me spot the truth when I see it.

Susan Constantine started her professional businesses in the wellness industry. Through the years, while hundreds of other business owners watched her develop and morph her entire business into a small empire, they did not attempt to grow or branch out. Many are still where they were when they all began their businesses together.
But Susan’s ability to tap into the human psyche and connect with “what people felt” versus “what they said” led many professionals that knew her to the realization that she had a keen ability for detecting her clients’ needs and their true internal conditions (despite what they were saying).
That ability was more than just a skill set and many of her professional friends in the legal arena, law enforcement and higher education realized that she could actually look at a person’s subconscious behavior and see into the individual’s mind.
As her spa businesses flourished, she too realized her abilities would be better served in a more professional capacity, not just aesthetics. While she continued developing her professional businesses, she had been simultaneously investing her spare time into writing her thesis, earning her bachelors degree, followed by her masters degree and now she’s working on her doctorate in psychology.
As a result, Susan built SILENT MESSAGES, a professional investigative firm where she participates in legal cases supporting both trial attorneys and prosecutors. Susan recently returned from Washington, D.C. where the Department of Justice, Defense and Homeland Security, held a joint training program where they brought her in to teach their top level military officers’ (and other professionals from all branches of service) on how to detect deception.
We are very proud to partner with Susan Constantine’s SILENT MESSAGES!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for the wonderful training you provided yesterday at DODIG.  I have received nothing but glowing comments from those who attended the event.

Susan Constantine has brought about a whole new dimension to watching political debates and speeches. Perhaps this is one way for voters to break through the carefully crafted image of a politician.

Washington Times

Paul A. Samakow

Susan Constantine might justly be called one of the world’s leading experts in lie detection. Her resume is thoroughly impressive, beginning with where and with whom she trained to the impressive list of many whom have hired her.

Constantine is a formidable presence. She teaches classes, mostly to attorneys looking for an edge in recognizing truth in their clients and witnesses, and she has been sought by legions of others who want to know who is telling the truth and who is not.

Her class is a whirlwind of information that leaves you wanting to drop everything and totally immerse yourself in the learning:

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